Bacillus ferment the “Agebiotic” for Skin Telocytes

Psychological stress and the natural aging process can disrupt the balance of facial proportions.

The skin’s architecture is based on a three-dimensional network of cells kept in equilibrium by telocytes, whose role in tissue repair and regeneration has recently been discovered, providing a fresh perspective on the skin’s inherent ability to self-repair.1

Skin telocytes are interstitial cells morphologically identifiable by their long and thin cellular extensions located in the skin’s reticular dermis. They can communicate with epidermal stem cells through exosomes to aid repair mechanisms and help maintain tissue organization.2

However, psychological stress can damage telocytes with the ensuing deterioration of skin architecture, compromising its proportional harmony.

Specifically, Bacillus ferment, also known as “agebiotic” (a prebiotic for the skin microbiota, able to promote the release of probiotics to counter the signs of aging), is known to strengthen and protect telocytes and the proliferating epidermal stem cells from psychological stress-induced damage so as to preserve skin organization and restore facial harmony (Phi Beauty or Golden Ratio).

Restoring facial harmony at the cellular level with Telophi® biotech ingredient

Telophi® biotech ingredient is a biotechnological extract derived from a Bacillus sp. isolated from the Florida Keys, USA, and of 100% natural origin.

In vitro studies have shown that Telophi® biotech ingredient increases skin telocyte cells by 19.6%, repairing the skin’s structure.

In vivo studies were also conducted on women aged 35-50 years with daily application of a formulation containing 2% Telophi® biotech ingredient.

The results revealed a restoration of the face’s harmonious proportions (approaching the Phi ratio) through improved skin firmness and a lifting effect after 28 days. Specifically, the symmetry of the facial oval contour improved by 6.3%, with a 13.9% increase in luminosity and a more uniform appearance after just 14 days. The appearance of wrinkles also diminished.

Telophi® biotech ingredient is a valuable ally in our Skin 3:3® face cream formulation at the concentration dictated by in vivo research to optimize the appearance of healthy skin over time, enhancing its unique proportions and symmetry starting from the skin’s reticular dermis.

Telophi® is a trademark of The Lubrizol Corporation or its affiliates.


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