HAP Body Brain Skin® was born from the collaboration between Health Brands Lab, a laboratory for the creation and development of new, pioneering brands in the Health & Beauty sector and UNIRED.

UNIRED is a spin-off of the University of Padova born in 2012 with the objective of promoting the innovation of products and processes in companies that operate in the Health and Personal Care sector.

By exploring new formulative and methodological approaches and having prestigious international collaboration, UNIRED develops avantgarde cosmetic and nutraceutical products and fine-tunes highly innovative, product performance evaluation techniques.

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Formula Development Philosophy

On the basis of authoritative, internationally published, scientific studies, we select target interventions to support the healthy aging process of the body, brain and skin.

In our Journal you can obtain more detailed information regarding the scientific research which is at the base of the formulation choices for the HAP Body Brain Skin® integrated system.

We extensively analyze scientific literature to research active ingredients which, to date, given current regulations, better demonstrate effectiveness on the identified targets.

We formulate our products with potentially patentable, exclusive synergic combinations of selected, very high quality, titrated active ingredients; combinations which are the fruit of thorough research of the best, most effective, fundamental active ingredients, in ideal doses.

Body 9:9

9 Biochemical

Combination of 9 Active Ingredients

Brain 5:5


Combination of 5 Nootropic Active Ingredients

Skin 3:3

3 Layers
of the skin

A Pool of Active Ingredients for the 3 Main Actions for Skin Health over time

We select packaging that offers the utmost protection of the activity and effectiveness of the substances over time, in addition to guaranteeing sustainability. We test our products in independent, certified laboratories. We choose our certified producers in Italy on the basis of very strict criteria for quality and respect for the environment.

Discover all the active ingredients at the base of our formulations

The active ingredients at the base of the HAP Body Brain Skin® formulations

  • Rigorously selected ingredients with the best safety profiles and documented effectiveness, with no compromises: we analytically evaluate the chemical-physical characteristics, the production process and studies published in literature
  • Maximum degree of purity of the active ingredients
  • Formulas developed using selected, biotechnological active ingredients, extracted from plants, with optimized bioavailability
  • Accurate, scientifically studied dosages to allow for one optimized daily dose
  • Exclusive use of plant based capsules
  • Researched and formulated for all types of skin
  • High quality technological bases of the formulas, with no compromises
  • Selection of active ingredients with the maximum degree of purity and backed by efficacy studies
  • Tested under dermatological control in accredited laboratories
  • Formulated with selected active ingredients having proven effectiveness, with particular attention to their naturalness for a formulation in which 90 % of the ingredients are of natural origin
  • Microbiologically tested products
  • Controlled supply chain: we supervise each phase from the raw materials to the finished product.
  • Safety tested: each product undergoes a restrictive validation process in which high safety standards are constantly verified.
  • We observe precise hygiene and good preparation regulations (GMP) during the production of our formulas in order to minimize all sources of contamination.
  • We validate the quality and purity of the raw materials, monitoring the profiles of the single ingredients and the final formulations with adequate protocols of instrumental analysis.
  • We program batch tests, in order to ascertain the absence of gluten and lactose.

HAP Routine for Healthy Aging

The need for a holistic approach

Many factors influence our health over time and consequently determine the quality of our healthy aging.

Some of these, like Genetics and DNA, are not under our control but fortunately make up only 20% of the overall picture tied to aging, as demonstrated in some international scientific studies. (article)

Other factors which affect the healthy aging process depend on our choices over time; fundamental, preventive choices like regular physical activity, proper, healthy, balanced, low-calorie diet, the quality of sleep, the avoidance of smoking and alcohol abuse, balanced stress management, micronutrient supplements, skin care, daily cognitive exercise but also the development of social dimensions like the sense of belonging to a community or group.

We have incredible power in our hands to successfully influence our healthy aging process and the improvement of our ’Healthspan’, how long we expect to live a full, healthy, autonomous life; 80% of the possibility of healthy aging over time depends on our lifestyle and the products we use which support and supplement it, day after day.

Our Healthy Aging Project: a complete, simple, integrated system

We believe that the healthy aging project doesn’t have to be complicated and for this reason we have developed complete products to use as a simple daily routine.

Our Body 9:9 and Brain 5:5 supplements are scientifically formulated to be part of a simple daily routine, without resorting to multiple-doses but concentrating the active ingredients in a single capsule to take once a day, in the morning.

Our Face Skin Cream 3:3 has been studied to carry out several functions, the fundamental ones for healthy aging of the skin, to be applied twice, in the morning and at night.

The Hap Body Brain Skin® Starter System is the ideal complete treatment for an integrated model of Healthy Aging.

Our Healthy Aging Routine Advice


Food Supplements

We recommend taking our supplements in the morning, in order to support you in your daily activities and promote healthy aging of body and brain.

One daily dose (1 capsule) of Body 9:9 and Brain 5:5 has been studied to promote short term and long term benefits. HAP Body Brain Skin® food supplements are scientifically formulated with dosages based on research, thereby guaranteeing optimal doses in order to benefit from the synergy of active ingredients with high levels of purity and technological quality.


Face Cream

With daily topical application of Face Skin Cream 3:3 in the morning and at night, you experience innovative, transversal action on the three layers of the skin through a refined blend of enhanced active ingredients. Suitable for all skin types, the sense of well-being can be felt immediately thanks to its rapid absorption which produces a smooth, soothing effect, respecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin. Given the concentration of the active ingredients it is recommended to apply a light layer of the product and not to massage intensely.  Over time, this simple daily gesture of transversal prevention will effectively support the healthy aging process of your skin.

Discover the integrated system “Healthy Aging Power”

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